21 August 2013

Soul Source

Spiritual Diet & Fitness

Author: Anonym

I've been thinking recently about the concept of "sole source" that many (physical) diet plans advocate. Basically, the idea is that you only use the official diet "products" while you are on "sole source", along with copious amounts of water (usually), and don't eat "normal" food. How could this be related to a spiritual concept? Soul Source! This article contains the thoughts that rushed through my head while on the train into London one morning!

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10 August 2013

A Lesson from the Song of Moses

Author: Mike Wright

Deuteronomy 32:1-43 is the transcript of the song that God gave to Moses shortly before Moses' death and the crossing of Israel into the Promised Land. The words of the song are, for the most part, somewhat depressing and frightening, telling of vengeance, blood, swords cutting flesh, teeth of beasts, and the like - not the sort of stuff you see in your average worship song! So what lesson does this passage of Scripture give us?

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