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11 August 2017

Same Sex Relationships: Should We Just Agree to Disagree?

An article by Sam Allberry

Author: Mike Wright

This is a very good article about why it is Scripturally wrong for Christians to merely "agree to disagree" about same-sex relationships/marriage. The article was written by Sam Allberry, a same-sex attracted Anglican minister who has sought to be faithful to God's will as revealed in Scripture. In this blog post, he reflects on the reasons why Christians must hold firm to the traditional view on this issue.

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26 January 2017

The Shack: Its Dangerous Theology and Error

Author: Mike Wright

Ever since I first read The Shack, I had deep concerns about its content. I began to have a check in my spirit almost from the first chapter, and that continued right through to the end of the book. I believe there to be grievous errors in the theology presented in this book, errors that are presented with a subtlety that allows them to creep past the unsuspecting mind unnoticed. This, I fear, is what has happened, and is happening, to many believers.

This documentary: (or click Read more below) examines the issues of The Shack thoroughly, and has come to similar conclusions that I reached, such as:

  1. It presents blasphemous representations of God.
  2. It presents a false view of the Trinity, including that the Father became incarnate and was crucified with the Son.

  3. It denies the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ's death on the cross.

  4. It suggests that all human beings are saved, whether they repent of their sins and accept Christ or not.

  5. It teaches that hell is "restorative", a type of purgatory.

Well worth watching. Don't believe what is written in The Shack; don't believe anyone who endorses the book, no matter their "status" within the body of Christ; don't believe me or the content of this video; believe the Word of God that is presented as part of this video. Trust that God, by His Holy Spirit, will guide you into all truth.

When you've finished watching this video, listen to this too:, and this:

Update – Read this too:, and this:

Another update – Paul Young has just released another book, "Lies We Believe About God", which is critiqued in this very good article:

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20 November 2013

Roaring Lions

Verbal Attacks by Anti-Christians on the Internet

Author: Anonym

Why is it that, when anyone posts something on the Internet that has a Christian theme, there are so many vitriolic attacks from other, presumably non-Christian Internet users? Here are a couple of possible reasons.

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29 October 2013

10 Reasons I Kissed Halloween Goodbye

by Michele Blake

Author: Anonym

Here is a great article on why we, as Christians, should shun Halloween and everything related to it.

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07 August 2013

An Email Dialogue concerning Original Sin

With the Editor of a Well-known Christian Magazine

Author: Anonym

In August 2009, I had a dialogue with the Director of a well-known Christian magazine. The focus of the magazine is creation and the rejection of attempts to deny the existence of God through the vehicle of the theory of evolution. However, the topic of the email conversation was Original Sin! The reason for this topic arising should become clear as you read the transcripts of the emails, reproduced here in unedited form except to remove reference to names/titles that might serve to identify the other party in the dialogue.

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